Navy Blue Bag

chanel navy blue

Lisa: Hello?
Millie: Hi, Lisa – I’m in the shopping center.
Lisa: Hi, Millie. What are you doing?
Millie: I’m looking round the shops. It’s Saturday.
Lisa: Yeah, of course. Honestly, you buy new clothes every Saturday!
Millie: Well, nearly every Saturday.
Lisa: You’re always buying new clothes! So, what are you looking for today?
Millie: One of those new skirts. You know, like everyone’s wearing this autumn.
Lisa: Well, I’m not wearing one, I’m wearing a pair of old jeans. Is there anything special you want to talk about? Because actually, I’m cleaning my room.
Millie: Yes, there is, only you’re being so impatient, you don’t deserve to hear it.
Lisa: OK, sorry. I’m listening.
Millie: Well, you know that leather bag you want, like the navy blue one you lost?
Lisa: None of the shops have one. Whenever I go into town I always look, but I never find a blue one.
Millie: Well, I’m in front of a shop window and I’m looking at a navy blue bag right now. Do you want it? I can buy it for you.
Lisa: Oh, yes! Those bags sell really fast because everyone thinks they’re really cool as well as useful.
Millie: Yeah, and navy blue bags are getting really fashionable.
Lisa: I know. It’ll be gone if I wait till Monday. I’ll pay you when I see you.
Millie: OK.
Lisa: Oh, thank you, Millie. Sorry I was cross.
Millie: That’s OK. Bye.
Lisa: Bye.

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